I Meet the McGanns - Joe, Mark, Paul and Stephen, though only their mother knows which is which. The acting brothers have been gathered together for BBC’s The Hanging Gale about a lamily struggling for survival during the Irish potato famine in the 1840s. See TV listings for details.

I We’ve had Dali’s Gar - now it’s time for Goya Dress. Fronted by Shetlander Astrid Williamson, the band have been likened to PJ. Harvey and Throwing Muses. Ones to watch, we hear, and you can do just that when they play Glasgow’s Garage. See Rock listings for details.


I Danny La Rue will be looking tor a warm hand on his entrance when he llounces on stage at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre. But don’t go thinking he enioys the trucking business. ‘I don’t get excited about wearing women’s clothes - it’s beyond me that people can,’ says Danny ruetully. Well, really! See Theatre listings for details.

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The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the lortnight ahead.

I Art: Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition The 169th annual show has splashed into action demonstrating the best in Scottish painting. sculpture and architectural design. The talking point of the exhibition is David Mach‘s ‘Likeness Guaranteed' - a seven foot tall sculpture of the face of Richard Jobson. formerly of the Skids and now a television presenter. composed of some 2500 wire coat hangers. Yours for £47,000.

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, until Sun 8 July.

I Dance: La Belle flame The Soft Bodies Hard Metal Physical Theatre Company present this full length dance production which draws on the Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans Men‘i. Performers both with and without physical disabilities will be using the rotosphere. a revolutionary wheelchair capable of rotating through 360 degrees. to create stunning and extremely physical theatre.

[Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 9 May. RSAMD, Glasgow; Fri I 2/50! [3.

I Theatre: Oleanna Kenny Ireland directs David Mamet‘s play about the sexual power struggle between a university professor and a female student. When the show played in America it made a huge impact on audiences. arousing strong emotions and more than a couple of bitter rows. Probably not a good idea fora first date unless you‘d like it to be the last. Royal Lyceum Theatre C ompany. Edinburgh, I Film: Rob Roy Produced by a Scot. directed by a Scot. written by a Scot and starring. er. an Irishman. but let's not quibble; Liam Neeson in a kilt is guaranteed to set off a few knee tremblers. Anyway. it’s a cracking swashbuckler with beautiful scenery. line acting. splendid costumes and it's an elegant feather in the bonnet ofthc Scottish film industry.

General release from Fri 1 9 May.

I Theatre: Pig Boy The award winning international company Theatre Sans Frontieres presents their version of the Celtic legend of Culhwch. pig boy turned boy hero and giant killer. A cousin of King Arthur. he also devotes a fair amount of his time to playing on his Gameboy which probably isn’t what his royal cousin nintendoed for him (sic and chuckle).

Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed

I 7/fhurs 18. Drama Centre at the Ramshorn, Glasgow; Fri 19/Sat 20.

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Probably the best lager in the world.

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