Acoustic night featuring five bands. i

Clowndog and Barefoot Mailmen among 3 l H | T I' I s T l MCP Pnor'loT'ONs 8‘ pHIL MCINTYRE pRESENT ' ' them. l Catch the best Music this fortnight. U I: I: T E R ‘i H F \ ‘._‘ ' l i .J .J l. J J


I Deadcat Motorbike, The Ranters and Trout Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. See detno review. I Stompin’ Maclean Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free. Country blues. I Hot Tomales West [ind Oyster Bar.

" "' la id Sit" ‘t. 225 3861. 10.30 in. West Matt 11 Le p ROCK & BLUES

Free. Blues with the aid of a nioothie and

acoustic guitar. I Joe Jackson Very much the young i i i -‘


I Speed‘Oi Lite AJ. Ramsay's. composer these days, What with the 1... _. .. ,

Broughton Street. 557 0627. 9pm- Free. latest album. Night Music. and the 3 =1 '

I Bluesberry Jam C as Rock Cafe. West symphony he's writing for Virgin i if; Tickets- £12 50

PM. 3394341- 91""- l‘l‘L‘C- Classics. There should be room fora ; .': gggit ca'rds) Ielzoog'fi? 69.396121r ethicfitett . , . ,. , ~ , . .-_. in ee van a e rom us e to e.

[31mg— fw “dime/“W . ii. mini... mainstream

Royal Concert Hall. Sun 29. . . . ubjecno op perm”ng Makingfee) Glasgow . I Siouxsie And The Banshees

o g I, '3 I . 3 .‘ . )S I Momssey and Marion Barrowland. Th”) W 0m) Just relLaSCd the” bi“ t

Gallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. SOLD 1 Single m a.decade’ that. S if” "the ; ucp pRESENTs OUT. What scenes await us. at this first re“ Oflhe" new mammal ‘5 up [0 the GRATU'TOUS SAX AND SENSELESS VIOLINS

date on the Morrissey tour‘.’ Rabid fans $111116 Slamlafd. this is the Place (0 be. looking for a musical epiphany while he Burrmvland, Glasgow. Sat 28. 3 just keeps us hanging on. The List is I Morrissey The Second Coming it : obviously not one of the cognoscenti ain’t _ but you‘ll be hard pushed to I because the root of his enduring appeal find a more fervently adoring crowd

's l.‘ ‘) I‘ ‘lv. Sl))()i' front

“mm H “imp L.“ - ll l I . anywhere else. Burrowland. Manchester s delicate bovs Marion. who -, , ,. . . . .' - , . Glasgow. Fri 3; Motlzerwell CIVIC seem to play up here more oiten than most i residency bands_ Centre. 5(114; Usher Hall.

I The Pop Guns and State at Grace King Edinbu/‘g/I. Sun 5.



Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. I Throwing Muses With their most .

22] 5279. 8.30pm. £5. Tickets from King ' accessible album in years. the Muses . E R Tut‘s and Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union pick up the gauntlet thrown down by E

Street. 226 4679. Breezy girly indie o “S 1 1 B ‘1] n rocccd [0 i

from The Pop Guns with support froiii p i Siégaittficlilswith1,5132%]. Glasgow ThurSday MarCh State ()fGrace who adopt the same . wed 8. i Tickets: £10.00

starting pomt but have more of a delicate JAZZ I Available from

dance input.

I Tumbler The Arena. Oswald Street. 221 i I Humphrey “new,” and Joe venue 840 Tel: 0131 228 “55

3010. 9pm. £2.50. including entry to 5 Tempe'ley TOP ranking mainstream . 5011:5333) Britpop club Parklife. ; jazz from Humph and his specral I iiaggle Taggle Gypsies MacSorley‘s. I guest. Queen ’5 Hall, Edinburgh. Fri

Jamaica Strut. 221 8499. 9 to. Fr‘ \ - i v-

Infectiom “ii: of room wig: LL : éi’l’tr‘rglflf‘ggow't 5‘” MCPin association with The Third Rail and ATB present " ereurn n .

51:2? [:2ngggfkgt:ogffiw£ggsc‘ 10h” innovative and exciting collision of

I Bfiéh‘Ma‘nin Hm'm Comm, ; Scottish and French mus1c1ans. Tron

Hyndland Road. 357 5827. llptn. Free. i Jazz CHM” Edmbmi‘ih' 5”" 5' l

I The Supernaturals Clyde Bar. West i I Ebe'l‘a'd weue' The German bags

Clyde Street, Helensburgh 01.136 673 maestro uses digital delay to create

257. 10pm. £1. See feature. ; an expanded orchestral palette in his

Edinburgh solo performance. City Hall.

I Paper Lace Cavendish. West Tollcross. Edinburgh, Fri 10.

228 3252. 9pm—3am. £5. I've still got ' FOLK & WORLD , .B‘.“.V.D°“ if“ A, “Cr” MP“? of “w I Richard Thompson Celebrating the fic'fe'ggfiflddffgwgfl 7 696 first lop 0} [lie [ops compilation albums. release of a tribute album of his E (£1 egtickét boofiin' 3" 5 e - 55 9

Glasgow. Thurs 9; Queen '3 Hull, l

. . _ fee)

Gripping. eh .’ . . Avai able from Just TEe Ticket Vir in Ri in

I Coconut Love Cult and Big Sir Subway. 30%" 9“? Of the gleam“ Songwmem i and .8" "503' 7°C” 90"?“ ' g ' pp 8

Cowgmc‘ 335 6766. 9pm £3. and gunarists you’re ever likely to i “Object to 70p P" t'd‘et 500k“? '99)

I Seattle West End Oyster Bar, west hear. Accompanied by bassist Danny ;

Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm. Free. ~ Thompson and chanteuse Christine 1

Blue Nile and Crowded House-tpr . Collister. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. :

material. Sun 29. SATURDAY 4th FEBRUARY

I Amanda Lyon And The Soul Connection . Tickets: £12.50 Available from 8/0 Tel: 0698

Platform One. Rutland Street. 225 2433. . _ .. , . . 267515 or 03.1 557 6969- “50 "0'" 8"

9pm. Frec- ; .llmtu/ Jriwc/rv and III/owing ( Upper to ghqt'heruglgtelétrict Librarti’e‘sgrecordpfli'fik'et g. I v i, '. ,m . uc‘ aim. an e , r i ran emou . eeves a r

I The Gods Oi olam Physician and Firkin. 3 : Mtou": Music Level 8‘ Smthclydc and a TOCTA outlgts through Scotland

Dalkeith Road. 662 4746. 10pm. Free. Straight front the decade that style forgot and glitter sellers still fondly remember come all the glam sounds of the 70s.

I The Blazetakers Cas Rock Cafe. West Port. 229 4341. 9pm. Free.

I The to Down Jons Advocate. South Bridge. 9.30pm. Free. Lo down blues.

Students Association. John Street. 552

(subject to booking fees) 1895. 9pm £3. Minus Michaela. but with acclaim for the excellent Shore/[fa album

behind them. the cultural barrier-breaking E DIN B H six-piece set the place grooving. R

Supported by Tankin' I)Js.

I Peptone Halt Bar. Woodlands Road.

I [in Music Abbey, South Clark Street. : 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. lndie pop._ 667 3023 8 10 m Fr“ I Chang Blackirtars. Bell Street. 552 Tickets: £1350 3! £1250 M ' " p ' u' 5924. 9.30pm. Free. Available "om the Mo

I The Outpatients M acSorley's. Jamaica 1Cir'2dsB1o1oSk5ings

4 Street. 221 8499. 9pm. Free. WW?“ t0 c0""1‘555'0")

I Jam session with Barry Hall Corner. St . Georges Road (at Charing Cross). 332 0' S 1 G I Live and Catatonia King Tut's Wah 1625. 9pm. Free. ' us Du” “a”

Wah Hut. StVinc'ent Street. 221 5279. I Brazil Boon's Yard. (‘athcart Road. 649 A N 8.30pm. £5.50. Tickets from King Tut‘s i 0184. 9.30pm. Free.

and Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 5 I Jeggro Wolburn‘s Wharf. Yoker Ferry 226 4679. Apparently Live are at the Road. 959 2016. 9.30pm Free. Afro- foretront of American alternative rock. Caribbean sounds.

havmg already released two albums I Lorna Buchanan and Ian Ewing After

S - Out January 16th

The List 27 Jan-9 Feb 1995 4