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O CITIZENS Gorbals Street. 429 0022/8177. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar.

The Representative Until Sat 25 Oct. 7.30pm. £3. (‘oncs £1 in advance; Students £1 . OAPs and UB40s free on the door. A new production of Rolf Hochhuth‘s drama which. challenging the Pope's silence on the Holocaust during the war. caused great controversy when it was first staged. Translated from the German by Robert David MacDonald whose fine translation of Lorca‘s The House of Bernardo Alba was recently staged in London. See Review.

0 CUMBERNAULD THEATRE (‘umbernauld 023 67 32887. Box

fir" 2'

‘V 2.3.4:;



Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow It is no longer particularly shocking to see the Pope and the Vatican accused of what amounts to complicity over Hitler’s extermination of the Jews during World War ll. The accusations have been heard before and unless you are a Catholic with a faith to be shaken there is no more reason to be impressed by this piece of evidence of what ‘good' people are capable of doing than by any other evidence of people and organisations that stood by when they could have spoken out.

But it is shocking to be so removed and distanced from perhaps the world's 1 greatest gragedy —the stystematic

killing of the Jews by Nazi Germany-

Office Mon-Fri 10am—6pm. Sat 10am—3pm. 6-8pm perfevgs. Bar’Cafe. See also Cabaret.

Desire Fri 17 and Sat 18 Oct. 7.45pm. £2.75 (£1.50). Communicado

Theatre Company present Stephen Jeffreys’ stage adaptation of a short

story by R. L. Stevenson. illustrating the nature ofgreed and set in the South Seas. using live tropical music. Breakers Thurs 3t) Oct—Sat 1 Nov. 7.45pm. £2 (£1).

0 DRAMA CENTRE 126 Ingram Street. 041552 5827. See Cabaret.

O KING’S Bath Street. Box Office Mon—Sat 12 noon—6pm. 4 bars. [1)] [E] Phone Bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon-Sat 10.30am—6.30pm. 552 5961.

On Your Toes Until Sat 18 Oct. Mon—Sat 7.30pm: Sat mat 3pm. £4—£2.50. Halfprice Mon evening and Sat mat. The Apollo Players in the famous dance musical by Rogers and Hart.

Valley of Song Mon 20—Sat 25 Oct. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £4. £3.50. £3,

and that is the chief eftect ot this production of Hochhuth’s play in its translation by Robert David Macdonald.

The play concerns a young priest, well connected to the highest levels of the Vatican, determined to persuade

the Pope who, as he gradually realises,

knows what is happening to the Jews, to condemn their deaths and tear up the concordat with Hitler. The attitude of the Papal Court is put across through

answers to the priest, theological and

political discussion and camp caricaturing. The intention is clear

enough -the play creates a conceit that i

represents the day to day Iife-goes-on defence system which alienates us



£1. A production by the Theatre Guild.

N0 N0 Nanette Mon 27 Oct—Sat 1 Nov. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm.

£2.50.£2.80.£1.60: Fri and Sat eve £3.50. £4. £2.80. Mon: Two for price of one. Two free seats with every ten. when booking 20 seats. The Minerva Club in the musical comedy. '

0 MITCHELL Granville Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon—Sat. 12 noon-6pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)] Tickets also available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 552 5961. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm.

We’ll Support You Evermore Until Sat 18 Oct. 7.30pm. Mon—Wed £2.50 (£1.25):Thurs—Sat £3 (£1.50).

Cumbernauld Theatre (‘ompany in

their touring comedy in which Scotland win the 1900 World (‘up. The Patent Office Robbery Tue 21-Sat

' 25 Oct. ltl. 15am and 3.30pm. £1.50

(Teachers free). Molecule Theatre

Coin a scientific adventure for kids

by Andrew Hilton.

Grease Wed 29 Oct—Sat 1 Nov. 7.30pm. Sat 2.30pm also. £3.50 (£2.50). Shields Theatre (‘o in the musical that made John Travolta and revealed a lot more of Olivia Newton-John than ever emerged alongside Cliff Richard.

0 TRON THEATRE 63 '1‘rongate. 552


from suffering. When the snow starts

falling at the start of the last scene and the concentration camp is revealed, we don’t meet the Jews. Rather it's the priest again in the company of a pedantic, art loving, cynical a-religious concentration camp

‘doctor‘ and exterminator— the

' philosophy continues in a magnificent 3 scene which is the only one in the

production to work dramatically. But the point is being made again. We can

come to terms with the Nazi nihilist, the ; Papal expedience, the priest’s guilt,

but as intangible as ever is the incomprehensible horror of Auschwitz.

(Nigel Billen)

18 The List 17 30 October

4267/8. Box Office Tue—Sat. Noon—10pm. Bar.

! The Lass Wi' The Muckle Mou’ Until ' Sat 18 Oct. 8pm. Members £3. Mon—Thurs £3. £3.50. £2.50. Sat mat

Guests £4. (‘oncs 1 . Theatre Alba in their successful production of Alexander Reid‘s play. See Touring. 3 Fri 24 Oct—Sun 16 Nov. Tickets as above. A new trilogy of musical 3 plays directed by Michael Boyd and with music by [iddie McGuire: Trio With Strings by Marcella livaristi a , comedy about a girl who goes to a i posh school after her father wins the pools and encounters musical l instruction there; Love Joan by Marianne (‘arey about a woman overcoming grief through writing letters to her dead husband and Thanksgiving by Tom McGrath about an exiled Scot. living in America during the Iranian crisis. Myra McFadyen. Melanie ()‘Reilly and Robert Macintosh are the cast for all three plays.


0 ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street. The Marriage of Panurge Mon 27-Wed2‘)()ct. 7.30pm. £3 (£1.75). Tickets available from [fisher 1 Tall in advance (228 l 155): on the door. on the night. The Medieval Players. famed for their imaginative productions usually using huge puppets. stilts and virtuoso juggling. in an adaptation of books two and three of Francois Rabelais‘ comic. bawdy novel. (iurgtmtuu and [’arzragucl. Here Panurge epxeriences certain setbacks in his search for a marriage partner. Medieval Players: Workshops Mon 27 and Tue 28 ()ct. 2—4pm. Free. but book in advance by ringing 225 2424 ext 6623/6625. Open to all ages. Two afternoons of workshops given by the Medieval Players to introduce people to their skills. Monday is a workshop on masks and storytelling. Tuesday a skills workshop. teaching people to tumble. juggle and walk on stilts.

0 BEOLAM THEATRE 2 Forrest Road. 225 0893.

Lunchtime Show Wed 22 ()ct. 1.30pm. ELIT( ' in a production open to both students and general public. Play unconfirmed at time ofgoing to press.

Lunchtime Show Wed 29 ()ct. 1.30pm. See Wed 22 ()ct.

0 BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 665 2240. Box office Mon- Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [1)] [ii]

on What/t Lovely War! lfntil Sat 18 ()ct. 7.45pm. £3.50 ( £2). Presented by the Brunton Theatre ('ompany to mark the International Yearof Peace ~ the foyer is decorated with anti-nuclear pamphlets and fact sheets. which draw a chilling parallel between the events of the First World War and the possible consequences of a third.

Sadly. the patently sincere attempts of a hard-working cast to awaken the sort of horror which laments the past‘s mistakes while preventing their future repetition. is

lost under a shower of tinsel and a dazzle ofgold lame. The real

meaning ofJoan Littlewood's

original'l'heatre Workshop I productionis subverted by an E