es; 1 . 1, The third Edinburgh Fringe Film

Festival will run from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 Octoberat Adam House, Chambers Street. Already it is establishing itself as one of Britain’s most important film and video festivals and beginning to attract attention from abroad, particularly from West Germany.

The Fringe Festival’s aims are to bring together the many areas ol independent media culture, including film, video and workshop production (without neglecting the mainstream) and to provide a forum for discussion between lilm-makers and audiences.

Each year the Festival chooses a theme around which a good deal of its material is based. This year's is ‘Outsiders’ —wide ranging enough to cover a variety of material to suit everybody's taste, from lull-length commercial productions like ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and ‘On The Waterfront’, to compilations of short films and videos by the Schlesingers and Kazans oi




As well as thematically grouping such diverse material, the Fringe Film Festival also offers a chance to survey the state of independent lilm and video production in Scotland, both by screening a number of workshop videos on local issues, and by giving those involved in the Workshop movement a chance to explain their aims and working practices to a wider public. indeed, the Saturday and Sunday sessions will provide actual ‘hands-on' experience in film and video techniques for the audience.

All in all, this year’s festival promises to be the most exciting and professionally organised (by a burgeoning group of enthusiastic volunteers) yet. Fuller details are available in the Fringe Film Guide, on sale at Adam House, and Edinburgh book and record shops. Box office inromation and an outline of the programme are to be found in the Listings section. (TrevorJohnston)


- L Ever

10Theliist 17— 30 October


"It was not a moving produc- tion. The cruelty of the characters is so extreme that many people have with- drawn in horror, disgust and feigned indifference. We leave the theatre, perhaps not afraid, but very much impressed . .


"Eddie O'Connell and Patsy 'Orgasm' Kensit star with lots of music and not much plot in Julian Temple’s over- hyped exercise in visuals. . . David Bowie _drawls horri- ny." STUDENTON ’ABSOLUTE BECINNERS'

“The songs were pretty bor- ing and the banter was along the lines of 'What kind of crazee muthafuckahs have we got here tonight . . .’ I found it all a trifle stale.”


“Clothes should be as indi- vidual as the person wearing them. They are a statement, an expression of moods and the variety of The Ivy League certainly caters far a wider audience than y0u may expect.”


"However tedious we may find the perpetual reports of student action in the media, it is crucial to the future of Higher Education that we do not give up. It is not true to say that we’ve never had it so good . . . only that we’ve never had it so good . . . only that unless we act now we will never have it good again." STUDENTEINTORIAI.

"Edinburgh University Prin- cipal Dr John Burnett said on Tuesday that Edinburgh University . . . faces a very real threat of closure."


"The crowd erupted, the air filled with great globules of spittle, my shoes were ruined and my jacket torn . . but it was worth it."


"Ace film with I‘Villiam Ilurt playing the serious scientist who discovers that fooling around with drugs and sen- sory deprivation can make you regress. Maybe that’s what happened to Sly Stal- lone." S TUDFNT ON ’AL'I'ERIiD STATFS'


{’Absolutely outstand- ing . . . streets ahead of any other student



y Thursday 20p

force of its massive landscapes so I that we can at least partially I understand the cataclysmic I explosion of the climax. A film with an atmosphere like few others. Glasgow; GFT . 0 Foot for Love ( 15) (Robert Altman. US. 1985) Sam Shepard. Kim Basinger. Harry Dean Stanton. 108 mins. Unsatisfactorystage-to-screen translation ofShepard's own ferociouslyclaustrophobictheatrical two-hander. Shepard plays the not too bright hick cowboy irresistibly drawn to re-opening the wounds of a forbidden love with his halfsister Basinger. Glasgow; GF'I‘ . o Gobots - Battle of the Rock Lords (U) ' 1% (Ray Patterson. US. 1986) With the voices of Margot Kidder. Telly Savalas. Roddy McDowall. 70 mins approx. Action-orientated animated feature blending elements of Star Wars and S Tar Trek 3 Glasgow: ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock 0 Hannah and Her Sisters (15) (Woody Allen. US. 1986) Woody Allen. Michael Caine. Mia Farrow. 107 mins. A mellow. meaningful riposte to the gloom-ridden Interiors, Hannah is an upbeat celebration ofthe cohesion and support within the family unit.

Blessed with a terrific ensemble cast. the film is achineg funny, touching and extremely perceptive Lothiah; ABC. Strathclyde;

ABC Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock o Heavenly Pursuits ( 15) (Charles Gormley. UK. 1986) Tom Conti. Helen Mirren. David Hayman. 92 mins. Conti is the caring teacher caught up in his remedial school‘s miracle fever who must determine the plausibility ofdivine intervention in contemporary Glasgow.

An engaging. lighweight comedy-drama told with wit and charm and performed with deceptively casual assurance.

Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor. Edinburgh; Cameo

O Highlander (15) (Russell Mulcahy, UK, 1986) Christopher Lambest. Sean Connery. Beatie Edney. 116 mins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a mythical prize. Inelegant. often ludicrous, but enjoyany daffy fantasy adventure.

0 The Karate Kid (PG) (john G Avildsen, US. 1984) Ralph Macchio.

Noriyuki ‘Pat‘ Morita. 126 mins. Wimpish teenager Macchio has trouble adapting to his new neighbourhood. a task unaided by the presence oflocal bullies. i Lothian; ABC. Strathclyde; ABC ; Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock.

0 Kings OlThe Road(15)(Wim Wenders. Germany. 1976) 176 mins. An oddly-matched platonic male pair travel round Germany in a large van repairing cinema equipment. A deeply impressive road movie by Wenders. still his finest work. which touches on the death of the cinema and the breakdown ofemtional communication. Beautiful. languid. elegiac. unmissable. Edinburgh: Filmhouse -

o The Last Laugh (PG) (F.W. Murnau. Germany, 1924) Emil .lannings. 73 mins. The head porter at a plush hotel is devoted to his job. When he is replaced by a younger man and demoted to the post of lavatory attendant he attempts to maintain thepretence that all is well. Touchingly acted and fluidly directed in a manner ahead of its time. this is one ofthe masterpieces ofGerman cinema. Glasgow; GP] 0 Legal Eagles (PG) :5: (Ivan Reitman. US. 1986) Robert Redford. Debra Winger. Daryl Hannah. Terence Stamp. 116 mins. See Caption Review. Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; ABC. Lothian; ABC. Strathclydc; ABC Greenock, ABC

Kilmarnock 0 Love III the Afternoon (L'Amour

L’Apres Midi) ( 18) (Eric Rohmer. France. 1972) Bernard Verley, Zouzou. Francoise Verley. 97 mins. The last of Rohmer‘s Moral Tales tells ofa man‘s extramarital daylight obsession with the unconventional Chloe. played by the alluring Zouzou. Edinburgh; French Institute 0 M (PG) (Fritz Lang. Germany. 1931) Peter Lorre. 117 mins. A sadistic child murderer faces both the wrath of the criminal underworld and the attentions ofthe police force.

Extraordinary and relentless, famous melodrama with an astonishing and shadowy visual style perfectly complementing the twitchingly malign Lorre as the killer. Glasgow; GET 0 The Man With Two Brains ( 15) (Carl Reiner. US. 1983) Steve Martin. Kathleen Turner. David Warner. 93 mins. Zany Martin-Reiner romp in which the great man plays a brilliant brain surgeon driven to the depths of frustration when he weds Tumer. a man-hungry murderess with a penchant for driving elderly husbands to early graves and pocketing their legacies. Deliriously delightful. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

O Mona Lisa (18) (Neillordau. UK, 1986) Bob Hoskins. Cathy 'l'yuson, Michael Caine. 104 mins. Hoskins on brilliant form as a naive ex-con armed with an anachronistic sense of moral duty and misplaced feelings of tenderness. charging through Soho vice to rescue a damaged damsel in distress. Little does he realise that life. as always. will never conform to his expectations.

The best British film ofthe year. Mona Lisa is a poetic and deeply affecting tale of innocence abroad. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: ()deon

0 Moon In The Gutter(18) (Jean-Jacques Beneix. France. 1983) Gerard Depardieu. Nastassia Kinski. 137 mins. Beneix‘s generally reviled follow-up to Diva is probably ripe for rc-assessment. A brooding film noir about a stevedore. his obsession with his dead sister. and the mysterious and alluring femme fatale who bears an uncanny resemblance to her.

0 9% Weeks ( 18) (Adrian Lync. US. 1985) Kim Basinger. Mickey Rourke. Margaret Whitton. 113

mins. Divorcec Basinger becomes a