o This section aims to provide a review

'- 01 every lilm to be seen in central Scotland over the next lortnight. For programme times see individual

cinema listings.

U - Universal, suitable for all ages.

PG - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable tor younger children.

15 - llo-one under the age ol15 admitted.

1e - No-one underthe age 01 18 admitted.

0 About Last Night ( 18) (Edward

-. Zwick. US. 1986) Rob Lowe. Demi

Moore. Jim Belushi. Elizabeth Perkins. 113 mins. David Mamet‘s

3 one-act Sexual Perversity in Chicago emerges sugar-coated from the

Hollywood treadmill and almost

1 winds up a yuppie Love Story. Lowe

and Moore progress from years of casual bonking to the full-scale traumas of maintaining a permanent relationship and find themselves

unable to cope. Although prettified ' and softened. enough tart. cynical

writing remains and the dispatches from the sexual battleground are truly insightful. Belushi and Perkins.

, partners in mutual loathing.

maintain a spirited and vituperative sparring match. have all the best 1 lines and give the best performances. but Lowe has the cutest ass. '3 Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. ; Edinburgh; ABC ' o Aguirre, Wrath of God (PG) (Werner Herzog. Germany. 1973) Klaus Kinski. Cecilia Rivera. 95 mins. 17th century Spanish conquistadors on a mission to explore the Amazon. court disaster when the zeal of their leader remains undampened after a number of

8 Tiff: List 17— 30 October

encounters with hostile Indians. Shot on the actual locations. this drama ofone man‘s folly makes a worthy predecessor to the director and actor‘s even more vivid exploration ofsimilar themes in the magnificent Fitzcarraldo.

' Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

0 Alchemists ol the Surreal, Programme One (PG) The first programme in this season places the dark and brooding fantasies of Czech Jan Svankmaer and American duo The Brother Quay in a historical context accompanying their work with films by Georges Melies. the grandfather ofmagical cinema. and an early animated short by perverse Pole Walerian Borowczyk. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Alchemists ot the Surreal, Programme Two (PG) This second compilation. and a splendid one at that. features Bunuel‘s celebrated surrealist short Un Chien Andalou. replete with eyeball-slicing razor. and the latest curious film by the Brothers Quay. Street Of Crocodiles. which went down a treat at this year‘s Edinburgh Film Festival. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Alchemists oi the Surreal, Programme Three (PG) The final programme of a very worthwhile season includes a tribute to the great Czechoslovakian animator by the Brothers Quay entitled The Cabinet OfJan Svankmajer. and Alphabet. an early and disturbing short by David Lynch who was later to make Eraserhead. Intriguing stuff. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Aliens ( 18) (James Cameron. US. 1986) Sigourney Weaver, Carrie

j Hehn. Michael Biehn. 137 mins.

Revived from a 57 year-old snooze in

deep space, warrant officer Ripley is

cajoled into joining a marine rescue

mission to the planet LB 426. home i from home for the original alien.

A nerve-shattering sequel that not

; only matches but canme surpasses

its predecessor. A monster.

Glasgow;Odeon. ' Edinburgh: Odeon. Strathclyde; i Odeon Hamilton. Rialto

O Amadeus (PG) (Milos Forman. US. 1984) F. Murray Abraham. Tom Hulce. Simon Callow. 160 mins. A risible title fight for a place in posterity between a God-fearing but

' mediocre talent and a musical genius ; with bad manners. Music‘s good.

Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Another Way (18) (Karoly Makk. Hungary. 1982) Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak. Grazyna Szapolowska. 109 mins. Set in the late 50s this focuses on the affair between an uncompromising journalist and an unhappily married colleague. As her professional life is undermined by her unquenchable desire to report the truth the growing complexities ofher private life combine to further frustrate her fulfilment. An impressive feature that depicts its lesbian relationship in a much wider context of political, social and personal freedoms. Powerful and assured. Glasgow;


0 Aren’tWe Wondertul (PG) (Kurt Hoffmann. Germany. 1958) 108 mins. This selection from the Seven Decades. Seven Films season of

German films dates from the Fifties.

It was by and large a fairly

undistinguished period. but this

story of two boyhood friends and

their contrasting experiences from

the Twenties right through to the

austere post-war years displays an

untypical lightness of touch and a characteristically fleet of foot political evasiveness. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

0 Attack 01 The Filly-Foot Woman ( 18) (Nathan Hertz. US. 1958) Fifties

sci-fi at its tackiest. A brilliant but ruthless scientist years ahead in his

field unwittingly goes too far etc. The cut-price effects sequences are a

: hoot. The schlocksters will be there. methinks. Edinburgh; EUFS

0 Betty Blue (18) (Jean-Jacques

Beineix. France, 1986)Jean-Hughes E Anglade. Beatrice Dalle. 12()mins. The maker of Diva returns with a

tempestuous and tragic tale of amour

1 completement fou. By turns

electrifying. exasperating. disturbing. touching and even downright silly. Beineix‘s movie’s greatest asset is that it is all ofthese. Superficial it may be but here is a film ofcolour. movement and emotion, a film that is CINEMA in


capital letters. Edinburgh:

soon-to-be-wed young man and his

Filmhouse. Glasgow; GFT

O BMX Bandits (PG) (Brian Trenchard-Smith. Australia. 1983) David Argue. John Ley. Nicole Kidman. 9() mins. A trio of footloose. bike-loving teenagers discover an illicit horde of walkie-talkies. the property ofa gang ofbank robbers. When the robbers discover this the chase is on. Simple-minded. moralising kids adventure. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Broadway Danny Rose (PG) (Woody Allen. US. 1984) Woody Allen. Mia Farrow. Sammy Davis Jr. 84 mins. Danny Rose is one of life’s born losers; a small-time agent for no-hope artistes who run from his management at the slightest whiffof acclaim. Opportunity knocks with a tubby singer riding a nostalgia boom for Fifties crooners. However, the singer’s temperamental girlfriend Tina is linked with the Mafia... Glasgow; GET

0 The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (PG) (Robert Wiene. Germany. 1919) Werner Krauss. Conrad Veidt. 90 mins. A fairground sideshow is a front for a mad doctor who uses an insane somnambulist to do his dirty work for him. Incredibly influential (in the fantasy genre and the German cinema). this archetypal melodrama remains interesting for 5 its staggeringly odd expressionist

sets and a good deal of awesomely hammy acting. The sort ofthing would-be film buffs really ought to see. Edinburgh; EUFS

0 Captive ( 18) at? (Paul Mayersberg. UK-France. 1985) Irina Brook. , Oliver Reed. Xavier Deluc. 98 mins. See Caption Review. Glasgow; ABC ? Sauchiehall Street

0 Cinderella (U) (Walt Disney Productions. CS. 1950) With the voices of Ilene Woods. William Phipps. James MacDonald. 75 mins. The Disney magic dust is sprinkled over the Charles Perrault fairytale about the beautiful commoner who captures the heart ofa dashing Prince. The main characters are a bit ofa yawn but the supporting retinue I; of animal friends are well-etched and ) include the chummy mice Jacques and Gus-Gus. Timeless holiday fare. ? Edinburgh; Odeon. Glasgow; Odeon

o Claire’s Knee (Le Genou de Claire) (15) (Eric Rohmer.Francc.1971) Jean-Claude Brialy. Aurora Cornu. 103 mins. The Fifth ofRohmer’s Moral Tales concerns a