0 Pride in The Fixx. Excellent semi soul band and they are local! well worth seeing if only for a live rendition of the summer single ‘What’s Love’.


0 Luddy Sam and the Deliverers Jailhouse, Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 New York Plgienkers Nightlife, Rose Street Lane North. As danceable as anything you’re likely to find this fortnight. Gut-wrenching



“Around 1979 a whole group ol musicians came out of Britain; Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult. I was the llrst one to step out and realise we were very arrogant.’

Why the split? The Cult’s Ian Astbury continues: ‘I wanted to write with a good guitarist and Billy Bully-the best - had Ien Theatre oi Hate. Our music is just melodies and guitars. We’re like Big Country and U2, only better!’ He quickly adds, ‘I respect those people but they've become rather conservative. People are coming round to our way oi thinking and we're at a stage where we can break into a world-wide audience.’

Will they last the course? They say they’re not on drugs, they're young, and they're willing to push themselves. ‘lndlvldually, we've been through a hell ol a lot: it shines in our music.’

bass, percussion barrage and some very strange things going on over the t0p. Funk with a twist.



0 The Deal Heights Cajun Aces at Rainbow Rocks in Stirling. Scotland’s best (only) Cajun band, great fun , great music for dancing. Good to see the Cajun Aces making a name for themselves in Britain’s Cajun scene.

0 Faith Brothers in the Mucky Duck. To be confirmed, check with venue. 0 Anne Plgalle in The Cactus Club (in The Venue). Z'I'I"s Torch singer - should be interesting.


0 Madness Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £5. Good reviews lately for the nutty boys, who’ve lasted about five times as long as anyone thought they would.


They’re in a more reflective mood these days, but still one of the definitive British groups.

0 Makossa Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9.30pm. Free. Reggae.

0 Bed Smithereen and Sex in Space Jailhouse, Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free. Don’t ask me. Sounds good, though.

Glasgow Venues

0 Cleopatra’s (above Caesar’s) 508 Great Western Road, 334 0560. Mainly a disco (the only one in the west end) but with live gigs occasionally.

0 Maylair 490 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3872. Very busy disco with bands occasionally. Their rock and roll Sunday Night has a live band every week.

0 Mucky Duck 1 Glen Road, Shotts, Shotts 0033. Well outside Glasgow on the way to Edinburgh, the Mucky Duck is now promoting gigs regularly every Thursday.

0 Ultrathegue 150 Wellington Street, 333 0493. A disco with a wacky laser show, sometimes promoting live acts.

0 The Cotton Club 5/7 Scott Street, 332 0712. Formerly Maestro’s it has yet to be seen what the live music policy will be at The Cotton Club. Will it carry on the trendy tradition of Maestro’s?

O Rooftops 92 Sauchiehall Street, 332 5883. Again, formerly Night Moves. Now promoting a mixture of local and named bands.

0 The Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street, 332 5874. Promoting heavy metal/rock bands consistently. Can also be hired for self-promotion , which is when the wackier bands are on. The Venue is now the home of a new club, The Cactus Club, which began in Edinburgh. Cactus Club gigs should be interesting.

0 Shut: (below the Barrowland Ballroom hall but inside the same building) 244 Gallowgate, 552 5947. Glasgow last remaining punk/goth disco with bands to match.

0 The Barrowland Ballroom 244

. Gallowgate, 552 5947. Middle sized

to large venue with an intimate atmosphere, despite its size. Mostly larger touring bands.

0 Daddy Warbucks George Street. The home of Splash One and Psycho Candy Club is thinking of starting another three clubs. They have not yet appeared - so more details to follow.

0 Star Social Club 44 Carlton Place. Gigs occasionally, usually for very good causes.

0 Because oi a local by-Iaw, applicable only to Glasgow, pubs are not allowed to charge entry te evenings with live music. This means tree entertainment for the customers, but little money for the bands. This doesn't affect pop music so much (liters are a dwindling number of pubs putting on live music) but is really starting to annoy ian artists.

0 Shadows 73 Bath Street, 332 8111. Basement bar/diner presenting the hard core of young gig-crazy bands. 0 Flu Miller Street, 248 2859. Trendy basement bar with trendy

basement bands on Tue and Wed.

0 Midas St Vincent Street. Live music every Wednesday.

0 Since The Apollo has closed the SEC looks as though it will take the place of Glasgow’s famous large llve venue.

0 Scottish Exhibition Centre Box office 552 5962. There are three halls catering for small groups (eg Lloyd Cole) or mega-draws (UB40). In the next issue, after the SEC’s first gig with UB40 and Simply Red we’ll be taking a look at the future of this venue as a regular live occurence.

0 The following are students' unions and, as such, operate a student and guests only policy. Asking a handy student to be signed in creates guest status.

0 Glasgow University Queen Margaret Union University Gardens 339 8525. Excellent students’ union who put on a good deal of the bands worth seeing in Glasgow. Unfortunately they have lost their late licence due to the noisy departure of students after gigs, so bands appear early-ish there for the moment, around 10pm. Efforts are being made to regain the licence.

0 Glasgow University Union University Avenue, 339 8697. Not as cosy as the OM but occasionally hosting good music.

0 Strathclyde University 90 St John Street, 552 5320. Very smart gig with bands every Saturday.

0 Glasgow College oi Technology Cowcaddens Road. Occasional good bands, although it must be hard to compete with the QMU.

Edinburgh Venues

0 Edinburgh University's Students’ Union 16 Chambers Street, 225 4832. O Hoochie Coochie Club Tollcross Complex, West Tollcross, 228 3252. O Jailhouse 17 Calton Road, 557 3073. Mon-Wed 5pm—2.30am. Thurs, Fri Ham—2.30am. Sat Ham—11.45pm. Sun 12.30-2.30pm, 6.30—1 1.30pm. 0 liitelile 96a Rose Street Lane North, 226 6458. Wed, Thurs m-3am. Free. Fri, Sat 8pm-3am £1 (£2 after 10.30pm). Sun 8pm—3am £1 (girls free). 0 Playhouse Theatre18/22 Greenside Place , 557 2590. o Pleasance Bar60 The Pleasance, 667 1011. e Preservation Hall 9 Victoria Street, 226 3816. Mon—Wed 11.30am—midnight. Thurs, Fri 11.30am—1am, Sat 11.30am-midnight, Sun 7-11pm. 0 Queen’s Hall Clerk Street, 668 3456. 0 Queen Margaret College, 36 Clerwood Terrace, 339 8111. 0 Top 0’ the Walk St James Centre, 557 2631. Mon—Sat 8pm-midnight, Fri 8pm—1am. All free. 0 Wilkle House Cowgate , 225 2079.

0 Too late for inclusion last issue came the news that the main dancehall at Coasters had been reduced to a blackened shell by fire on the 14th of last month, causing damage estimated at £400,000. Edinburgh District Council have ordered repairs to be carried out by

21 December, and all are hopeful

that the hall will be back in action by Christmas. The Hoochie Coochie Club and Goombay Beat suffered slight smoke damage, but will continue as usual. So soon after the demise of La Sorbonne , this could have been disastrous for the Edinburgh live music scene, but iiltellie (96a Rose Street Lane North) has just begun a live music policy, commencing with Win on 4 November (to be confirmed) and a regular live spot every Wednesday, featuring established acts, with occasional bands on other nights. The first confirmed Wednesday night date is APB on the 6th.

Acts scheduled to have appeared at Coasters have either been cancelled, like Marc Almond (whom we previewed last issue sorryl). or have been farmed out to other venues. Animal Nightlife, who were due to appear at Coasters on 1 November are appearing that same night at Johnson’s in Dunfermline. Tickets for Coasters are still valid and, depending on demand, will also be on sale at the door. Refunds can be had. if preferred, from place of purchase.

Hank Wangiord has added another date to his itinerary to make up for the loss of the Coasters appearance. This is at the Rosyth Metro on 10 November, and also awaits confirmation, so phone first (lnverkeithing 417920) to be sure.

As for such monochromatic ensembles as Green on Red, The Redskins and Simply Red, all of whom were planning to play Coasters in the latter half of November, we’ll bring you information when we can.

Added to the Coasters inferno, the number of postponed gigs in Edinburgh is becoming ridiculous. As was well-reported in the press, The Thompson Twins' promoter, Paul Loasby, went into liquidation at the launch of their tour, and all dates were cancelled. As advance ticket sales were poor anyway, several dates being cancelled before the whole tour was called off, it’s difficult to speculate on future dates.

The Thompson Twins have . promised that all ticket holders will 5 be reimbursed, from their own : pockets if necessary. 3 Blancmange's appearance at the Playhouse Theatre has moved from 20 October to 2 December. Existing l tickets remain valid.

OMD have moved their appearance ' at the Playhouse from 2 November to 4 February 1986 due to their success in the States and extended commitments over there. Existing tickets will not be valid and must be exchanged for new ones.

Marillion have been forced to postpone their Playhouse appearance till 21 January 1986 due to Fish’s throat infection. It’s not yet known if tickets are valid, so hang on to them.

To end on an optimistic note , Scotland being one of the largest concentrations of Cramps fans, it’s rumoured that Lux Interior, Poison Ivy and their swamp-dwelling crew are beginning a reportedly ‘massive’ tour of the British Isles in the New Year. (Mab)

26 The List 1—14 November