slowly pulls the audience into a sketchy world where the past dominates and memories haunt the protagonists. Petzfold likes to weave his stcries in the manner of a Vladimar Nabokov novel. mixing puzzling and occasionally repulswe events to create allusions on the human condition that only become apparent as the story nears its end. As such. Ghosts has a iii\,:;t'<:;i' and supernatural duality The work a" a maiOr talent. Kaleen: Aftab.

I Clllf?‘.‘/()/l(l. f) lii‘l (523 8030. 2 7 Aug. 9pm allow/tug. 57.95 527.20,. (if I. 07.17 332 8.728. 2:”; Aug. Elfin: S‘i'.3):'> (pi/(Ur.

marriage Surface. Justin interacts With a bizarre collection of characters. Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn among them. and although Mill‘s debut is occasionally flawed. there is much to admire. (Kaleem Aftabi

I Cameo. 623 8030. 20 Aug, 8pm and 22 Aug, 70.30pm, both £7.95 (£23.20).


GHOSTS (GESPENTER) (Christian Petzold, Germany/France, 2005) 85min 0000

unseemly characfc-w: ti. s"-r:--:.-' force of the i>e":;""ar‘“-t2:: are ‘zi' l218(2l"£ti'l§}f"£‘i" it‘e ':' ;..:::

Kaieep‘ A‘fal:



(Mary McGuckian. UK, 2005) 122min OOO

tillfl/J Mull). ”. no." :,




(Josh Appignanesi, UK, 2005) 80 min 0..

It takes some getting used to McGuckian's look into the murky and sordid world of tabloid JOLlrllt’tllSll‘. The fast cuts and probing camera that flickers from black and white to colour and frames the protagonists at uncomfortable angles succeeds only ll‘. making the VieWing experience reminiscent of being seasick. When the camera finally settles. McGuckian as writer and director confirms our worst fears abetit tabloid hacks with a plot revolving around The Rails editor Eddy's (Rupert Gravesi affair .vztl‘. his American deputy iJennifer Jason l eig'ie. the wife of the omniscient propr'eto"

Nina (Julia Hummer) is a yOung orphan who lives in care. In a Berlin park. an esoteric event that borders on the Sinister res‘tilts in Nina befriending a fellow free spirit Toni (Sabine Timoteol. They have an impliCit understanding of each other and soon become fast friends but what looks like becoming a tale in the vein of recent Brit hits. Me Without YOu and My Summer of Love. turns into something completely different and more complicated when a mysterious French woman (Marianne Basler) starts belieVing that Nina is her long lost daughter.

Director Christian Pet/fold utilises the same sense of mystery and foreboding that made his preVious effort Wolfshurg so fascmating. The writer. director

Demo? . 'e g;::..:; list" Natale Pups: (Malcolm M(3D()‘.‘.’()lll. More Drop the 'etarw; "'::"‘ is'at: '4, ::a'-:3 ‘<.i he' :><-: Dead Donkey than Sweet Smell of "1::te" "‘::‘."‘-;3'. f" "illir'ifl :;‘ e":i Pg; '."-r‘: Success. Rag Tale is packed with tl"{}X{)‘t‘t "-:;-:: ‘eud l:-":f.'.-f:'(3" t"-_;- :: ::~:-'

‘.'.'::'i‘.a" at": "er SSLJl‘ lDa'. f: Joe for other FILM LISTINGS (3"a“erw in Glasgow &. Edinburgh soc-"eta. V see non-Fest|Va| magazme embarks on an '1’.(E~"‘ES(""(E'£ti(>"t;"-lf 1"

axes he oust, a. :l

Rum. iitiisviitt} T‘t.t;t). L... (use I

Beat Seattle-based independent filmmaker Robinson Devor has already shown huge promise with his 1999 adaptation of Charles Miami Blues Willeford’s novel The Woman Chaser. His second

feature is this dreamin arch tale about an African man 2 (played by Senegalese ex football player Pape Sidy

Niang) who becomes a bicycle cop in Seattle, only to spend his days dreaming of his absent American girlfriend

as the bizarre, the mundane and the shocking pass before his eyes.

I A small gem. Cameo, (523 8030, 23 Aug, 8pm, 57.95 (525.20). (Ii/iei/‘t/oi/d. (523 8030. 25) Aug. :5. lap/ii. H195) r.l‘:'>..”()r.

e to fittiit‘ii:

" 5: ‘rs'. ‘eatu'e. :;" s 'ei‘iiniscent

t. i]. re Ramsey s “cm. Appigitaitesi

atfe'” ;Is is f":()tl'(l :i H!“ "‘t.:‘7 story

"‘tin‘ J‘.’.t‘:":§ Song of Songs

it; -’;-‘;::,->"', at", a 'le written. mx (PM;

a":' 'z: ';-::<:<;- :>T' new .vtiictt :giitm f"-'2 ’i"£‘.'£i:i'.-i?" sate" f"at renders .'.'t‘i‘.::":‘:i (2, That said. '. tit what

s' -_,- ' : .l‘J." , t,' u. Ont/(1MB

[J t « .' ,r (tits .v‘f‘dtltfl. |. A: =1 .i' 2:» '.:_:' ...' t:(l 'iaid fewe' Heine; ' ., .ltltl'ffir. text,” tes. these .~‘,r;/-f~‘ ((4,, l""\-»/‘ r‘ i v I ‘1" "l‘ l\r"i ' [\(j ti{,~.,i:ui). mi, ~1I)it,\,:ii K,’(‘.(I (J(,'t)i(I..t .ritl‘. -':-’- t 'i <:::"-;3'e"it

if, if.\/C'it,t . .' (1‘.(7I3(,(}l‘i

vacuumed .ii ' as peteri. at to be

[lg/g. 8pm.

(Aleksandr Sokurov, France/ltaIy/Russia/Switzerland, 2004) 110mm 00000

< I "\ " ()r t

I l’ .1 I Utlt 81K ' : < ' l' strength

I]. \ I'D I r I”

I t' i l 'IH)’ tit/t) (tot (IdV'b

' I,\,.'.t:.’ :z'. ."_'..:'_,'-:'.lu .‘.t,."tl Hittr > ' ' 'l ' i)il\ “.as 'nade [ ,.,..,., / , , , , “it. I“.

I i |/\/|\~(/(i t).

';i' t' ll.‘ .t ' titlt‘ t ,.)<\ \/ H' :dbl I I l a If ./‘» I

tli‘l ke .'.i'." t'ics-e liti’f'il‘fil Soktir'ov

"PUT-(N7 for the

Lia! \/ tit/(It) (1

\" v i, llti (1 '.;I'.‘. \\; I\'\ 'ttl \1 --/l\[‘.'.'|(,

.lt‘lfltxflJiti ;:7 .'tf{3’tifxtl(,l‘i(/I \IIi' .ifi‘t' \)I\II;H(IE> Jitlil‘KXI

i/t, \/ (I \,1,.l‘ \/ t\/ J.‘ t,.. (It) (I

"x" ' . t t l tunic as l ' ' i" H ' .i i l

.it;:It .: z ' act: w: \/ ' uni: ' t' 2 ‘rl' it}? i,

I 2.4;! 3 \ "I‘:: :(/ I I h/ll,/\’l' Itll‘wlji

l' ' . ' ' 30km " H>.‘tei‘.

I l'k \I I ‘\.I :' (‘l I) (a t i < '\ OI" IIt 'III. 'i. ' , l u , txe'. l" llrz" ‘> ' t) ' titx ii :‘ 2' ‘> "\ .' l‘ 't“ we; ' - ""t‘tl It" A)" I tI' \l

" i' i ' ' iti'k 'i‘i'“ it t it foti' ti :3 3l‘-“ . at: .i 8 ka' ' "\:¥ X?

I\ I I .. ‘/V\A’;.

, i , ' I 4' I I H ‘t15ti‘. ()(,\) tlml... «1:. "V" :U ‘} NU "i